I have had the opportunity to redo a home from top to bottom, to prepare it for vacation rentals. While the property is on the Cape, I was feeling very inspired by Provence, and wanted to use that vibe to influence my choices for the interior, while still keeping the feel of a Cape beach house.  I also wanted to keep things fairly “cool” as far as palette; it is likely that we will have the most renters in the hot and hazy days of summer and I wanted the house to be a great place of retreat, where you can come back from a long day at the beach and sink into a really comfy sofa after taking a refreshing outdoor shower. I didn’t want anything to be too precious, but at the same time, I wanted there to be enough thoughtful details so that guests feel truly cared for during their stay.

We are at a good stopping point with the project, and the house is listed for rent (for more information please click here). With a few landscaping touches soon to come, we will be ready for business.