Here are some pictures of our delicious meals while we were in San Diego…most of these photos were taken in La Jolla, as this is where we decided to focus our explorations during our limited free time. What a pleasure. We had top-notch meals from start to finish, and came home with a new understanding of (and a higher bar for) Mexican food. So good.

It’s worth mentioning that the chips and salsa we had at each of these restaurants far surpassed anything either of us had tried before – the salsa was more of a sauce than the more chunky, relish-style salsa we often come across – and tasted like it was made in-house, with gorgeous fresh herbs. Very happy to not have the cilantro soap gene!

Some of the places that wowed us while we were there:

The Coffee Cup -we had the most delicious tamales, with black beans, queso fresco and salsa verde; there was an artichoke omelette with some of the best home fries I’ve ever had. Also slightly addictive coffee – I really appreciate a strong cup of coffee and probably had about six cups that morning – this was special stuff.

Alfonso’s – Incredible huevos rancheros and chile rellenos, and wonderful service. No pictures from here – we were concentrating too hard on the meal!

George’s at the Cove – Ocean Terrace – fish tacos, shrimp tacos. We read rave reviews about the tacos here, and they were right on. Very fresh seafood, served with mango salsa, jalapeño-lime creme fraiche, guacamole and shredded cabbage. Seriously delicious.

El Indio – lastly, on our way to the airport we found ourselves with some extra time, and having heard about this place that conceptualized taquitos, we took advantage of the early end to the project to stop by and grab  a quick dinner! We weren’t disappointed. Firstly, they have a salsa bar for their guests, so that in and of itself was worth it. But the food was really wonderful, as well – the taquitos were delicious, and I tried my first-ever enchiladas!  Great location and fun atmosphere, and it definitely beat having dinner on the airplane! Looking forward to going back to San Diego sometime so we can explore other parts of the area.